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Wilfred Cornelius Charité

Business analyst

Kan reizen naar Geldrop

  • 51.424
  • 5.5605
  • Indicatief tarief €1.000 / Dag
  • Werkervaring 7+ jaar
Een opdracht voorstellen De opdracht kan alleen van start gaan nadat je de offerte van Wilfred Cornelius hebt geaccepteerd.
Een opdracht voorstellen De opdracht kan alleen van start gaan nadat je de offerte van Wilfred Cornelius hebt geaccepteerd.

Locatie en reizen

Geldrop, Nederland
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  • Geldrop en 50 km rondom


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Vaardigheden  (25)

Wilfred Cornelius in het kort

I am an (over 25 years) experienced open minded, problem based and solution oriented Senior Business analyst and Requirements engineer since 2005 with a past in the IT as a programmer. This delivered me the eye for detail that is still of use in my analysis assignments without making my role technical. My personal mission in Business/IT-projects is to define the TO-BE IT, processes and requirements First Time Right. Often referred to as the end-to-end intermediary and translator between business and IT. Especially experienced in the roles with the “Senior” element in it or combined with specific project- or interim manager tasks enabling me to influence the project with my experience. Creator of Common Understanding. Strong analytic and decisive. Stress resistant.


Swiss Post

Senior Business Analyst

Bern, Switzerland

februari 2022 - Vandaag (2 maanden)

Projects in Logistics Services

CHAR-IT / IT First Time Right (Eigen onderneming)

Digitaal bureau & IT-consultancy

Freelance Consultant, Business Analyst and Requirements Engineer: First Time Right

Geldrop, Netherlands

maart 2005 - Vandaag (17 jaren en 1 maand)

Below I specified roles, sectors, products and clients I served as an independent consultant. For more information my CV is available

-Information Manager
-(Agile) Senior/Lead/Business analyst
-Process Analyst
-Product Owner (also proxy)
-(Agile) Requirements Engineer
-Requirements Manager
-Functional Designer
-Project Leader
-Implementation engineer

-Life science/Pharma/Healthcare/Hospital
-Air Traffic
-4PL Global Transport
-Logistics / Supply Chain

Developed Products:
-Bending machines
-Medical Devices
-Field service management tooling
-Traffic control maintenance
-Pensions (-migrations)
-Category management (DWH)
-Electronic Patient Files
-Funds transfer pricing reporting
-Call Center Process

-Requirements documents
-Impact analysis
-Vision documents
-Epics, Backlogs
-Diagrams, Flows

-Saint-Gobain (Autover)
-Bystronic (Switzerland)
-Siemens (Switzerland)
-Skyguide (Air traffic control) (Switzerland)
-UBS (Switzerland)
-Roche Diagnostics (Switzerland)
-Alliance Healthcare
-Agfa Healthcare (Belgium)
-Combined Insurances (Germany)
-Atrium Medical Center (Zuyderland)
-ABN/Amro Bank / Schiphol Airport
-ASR Life Insurance
-CZ Healthcare insurance
-UNIVÉ Healthcare
-ING Bank
-Syntrus Achmea Insurances
-Nationale Nederlanden
-Delta Lloyd
-De Amersfoortse


CMG: Consultant

Eindhoven, Netherlands

januari 1999 - mei 2005 (6 jaren en 4 maanden)

External consultant to clients of CMG Roles: Implementation Engineer, Functional Designer, Analyst/Software Developer Clients:
-Hooge Huys
-Fortis Corporate Insurance
-Nationalde Nederlanden
-Groene Land Achmea
-Anova Healthcare
-OZ Healthcare
-ABN Amro Bank



januari 1997 - januari 1999 (2 jaren)



januari 1992 - januari 1997 (5 jaren)