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Thomas Geenen

développeur d'applications web & mobiles

Kan reizen naar Bruxelles, Nivelles, Bruxelles, Waterloo, Charleroi

  • 50.8466
  • 4.3517
  • Indicatief tarief €250 / Dag
  • Werkervaring 2-7 jaar
  • Antwoordpercentage 70%
  • Antwoordtijd 24 uur
Een opdracht voorstellen De opdracht kan alleen van start gaan nadat je de offerte van Thomas hebt geaccepteerd.
Een opdracht voorstellen De opdracht kan alleen van start gaan nadat je de offerte van Thomas hebt geaccepteerd.

Locatie en reizen

Bruxelles, Belgique
Kan bij je op kantoor werken in
  • Bruxelles en 50 km rondom
  • Nivelles en 20 km rondom
  • Bruxelles en 15 km rondom
  • Waterloo en 15 km rondom
  • Charleroi en 20 km rondom


Tijdsduur van de opdracht
  • tussen 3 en 6 maanden
  • ≥ 6 maanden
  • Digitaal bureau & IT-consultancy
  • Softwareproductie
  • Telecommunicatie
  • 1 persoon
  • 2 - 10 personen
  • 11 - 49 personen
  • 50 - 249 personen
  • 250 - 999 personen
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Vaardigheden  (24)

Thomas in het kort

Dans le développement web & mobile depuis plus de 5 ans, j’ai d’abord commencé dans le SEO et le marketing digital plus globalement. Avant d'enfin finir sur mon plus grand amour: le code.

J'utilise principalement Malt dans le cadre de mon agence. Nous avons une équipe de devs prête à être déployée selon vos besoin.

Ayant des fortes bases en UI Design je peux gérer le développement d’un MVP du design à la mise en ligne sur le store.

Je suis principalement devOps. Je peux mettre en place des automatisations pour l’intégration continue. Nous sommes habitués à la méthode Lean et la posture Agile. Je suis à l’aise avec les services AWS & l’architecture Cloud.

Ayant un background de coach, je sais comprendre les besoins des utilisateurs et être performant dans mon travail. Je sais aussi me mettre en écoute active afin de comprendre au mieux vos besoins.

Je suis un parano des performances et du clean code. La scalabilité est essentielle pour moi.

Motivés et passionnés de code, on est prêt à collaborer avec vous !! 💪🏻


In web & mobile development for more than 5 years, I first started in SEO and digital marketing more globally. Before finally ending on my greatest love: the code.

I mainly use Malt as part of my agency. We have a team of devs ready to be deployed according to your needs.

Having a strong foundation in UI Design I can manage the development of an MVP from design to online store.

I am mainly devOps. I can set up automation for continuous integration. We are used to the Lean method and the Agile posture. I am comfortable with AWS services & Cloud architecture.

Having a background as a coach, I know how to understand the needs of users and be efficient in my work. I also know how to listen actively in order to understand your needs as well as possible.

I'm paranoid about performance and clean code. Scalability is essential for me.

Motivated and passionate about code, we are ready to collaborate with you! 💪🏻




Gezondheid & Wellness

Développeur React Native

Bruxelles, Belgique

juli 2019 - augustus 2019 (1 maand)

Pixy is a startup that offers a mobile application to better manage family life. It is a collaborative task list that aims to reduce the mental burden of mothers.

As part of this mission, I performed various tasks:
• Worked with an existing team of 2 developers
• React Native Mission (typescript + babel)
• Using Firebase and RealTime Data & Observables
• Integration of the design of several screens
• Realization of Back-end services with Firebase
• Mainly in FunctionComponent
• Full Remote Working
• Use of Gitlab with CI/CD pipeline

Puissance Space


Business Partner

Bruxelles, Belgique

oktober 2017 - augustus 2018 (10 maanden)

Puissance SPACE is a service for agencies, natural search engine optimization consultants and site publishers. It provides PBNs (Private Blog Network) to improve the popularity of a website. Puissance SPACE is the first public platform to purchase turnkey PBNs delivered in French-speaking countries, acquired in 2018.

• establishment of more than 200 Wordpress sites
• Plesk dedicated server management
• collaboration with the french agency Eskimoz



Software Engineer  - Als freelancer

Nivelles, Belgique

maart 2019 - juli 2019 (4 maanden)

As part of Bestdeal's digital transformation, I was in charge of updating their IT equipment:
- Realization of the design of the application
- Implementation of an AWS server architecture (CloudFront, API Gateway, AMI, ELB, EBS, S3 Buckets, R53)
- DevOps support and implementation of the continuous integration circuit (Gitlab-CI)
- Development in React.js with an API node.js & Mongodb
- Setting up a Data Lake AWS
- Development of two PowerBI dashboards



Développeur Freelance

Bruxelles, Belgique

februari 2019 - maart 2019 (1 maand)

Punctual mission for a medical food company. I designed the interface of their internal SaaS (Software as a Service).

Make it Group

Digitaal bureau & IT-consultancy

Développeur javascript

Auderghem, Belgique

april 2018 - augustus 2018 (4 maanden)

They build Startups. Since 2014, they’ve successfully developed what we describe as ‘a machine’ to test, launch and/or grow startups by working with over 200+ entrepreneurs and building their own. They strongly believe in the ‘Test It’ mentality: test fast, fail cheap, and try again.
• Developed serveral Javascript based APIs
• Working with IoT Devices
• Remote working 30% of the time
• Test automation


Digitaal bureau & IT-consultancy

Développeur d'applications web & mobiles

Bruxelles, Belgique

september 2017 - juni 2018 (9 maanden)

Creation of 7 campuses in 12 months, training 1500 learners, more than 80% of whom are back at work. Decrease in youth unemployment while increasing the number of developers and a reliable source of workers for companies.
• management of the IoT group
• Internal project management & development coaching
• remediation for the group
• Additional remedies for learners
• agile project management
• code initiation and workshops in schools

Romain Faust - Pixy.Family


I had the pleasure of working with Thomas and I highly recommend him. He was able to integrate quickly into our development team and he was quickly productive. He was not afraid to ask questions about things he did not know. In addition, he tried to improve our product by proposing new ideas and helping us on the CRM part of the project.

Anne Sophie Lecointre - Pixy.Family


Thomas a été d'un support décisif dans la finalisation de l'application pour son lancement. Il a toujours à coeur de rentrer dans la compréhension des users, et possède une très bonne vision stratégique, ce qui rend son profil très complet.