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Sylvain Trias

Product Owner & Coach Agile

Peut se déplacer à Bruxelles

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  • Tarif indicatif 750€ / jour
  • Expérience 7 ans et +
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À temps partiel, 4 jours par semaine

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Bruxelles, Belgique
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  • Bruxelles et 50km autour



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Sylvain en quelques mots

X-shape profile, with knowledge and practice spanning from electronics, web development to mobile programming, AI & ML, digital art, computational fluid dynamics, biology, ethnology, acoustics, Sylvain is a genuine multidisciplinary person who thinks transversal, connecting technology to healthcare, extreme sports or even traditional arts. Excelling in cognitive science, CX and complex problem solving, with an expertise in innovative thinking and creative intelligence processes, Sylvain is a leader of innovation and a business catalyst, and will help you in developing your own digital and human ecosystem for your secret ideas to turn into your reality.



Cinéma & audiovisuel

Product Owner ++ | Agile Coach

Bruxelles, Belgique

juin 2019 - décembre 2019 (6 mois)

A 7-months compelling mission during which I endorsed several roles:
• My main responsibility as Product Owner for conducting the new release of Auvio, the VOD platform of RTBF. This old version has been revisited in an information distribution and user experience point of views, with a entire new set of functionalities, features, components and skin. Technical debt has also been reduced drastically. Objectives are being met with the achievement of a more professional-grade platform and better user retention 3 weeks after the release.
• The 15 developers team had tried for more than 2 years to become fully Agile but they were missing the necessary knowledge, structure and discipline to get there. With an Agile Coach hat, I set up a complete 3 months step-by-step process for the development team to become fully autonomic and efficient (including culture, processes and tools). On the business side, I developed a strict funnel process in which roadmap features are designed, elaborated and validated progressively by the portfolio team and PMs so to be mature when required to be handed over to POs.
• I actively participated to the implementation and process elaboration of a newly UX team, especially to match the very diverse nature of RTBF projects.
• I trained a developer who was volunteer to act as Scrum Master for the team.

+ Process Development and improvement
+ Product Owner / Specs Analyst
+ Scrum Master coach
+ Agile and Lean Coach
+ Recruitment

Startup Factory

Agence & SSII

Head of Product | Agile PO | Lean Coach

Bruxelles, Belgique

décembre 2018 - avril 2019 (4 mois)

Startup factory is the leading startup studio in Belgium with over 24 startups created in less than 3 years.

+ Design, Implement and Document Lean Agile Processes for the Studio
+ Design, Implement and Document all Studio incubation processes
+ External Consultant in Leadership and Team Building
+ Manage Product Team
+ Product Owner for 24 startups
+ 24 Startup Lean Coaching
+ Specs Analyst and UX design
+ Instructor in Lean, Agility, Design Thinking, Neuromarketing, (MBA students)
+ Recruitment


Agence & SSII

Lean Startup Coach | Product Owner

Paris, France

mai 2016 - novembre 2018 (2 ans et 6 mois)

Agile coach / Product Owner for several startups, supported by incubation programs

+ Lean Startup
+ Innovation Engine Developer
+ User-centric Product and Service Development
+ Design Thinking
+ Complexity Thinking
+ Transversal knowledge
+ Organic Growth Strategy
+ Continuous Innovation
+ Innovative Design Integration
+ Strenghts Finder
+ Team Building
+ Emotional Intelligence
+ X-disciplinary Collaboration
+ Management 3.0
+ Courageous Leadership
+ Neuromarketing
+ Digital Strategy


Défense & armée

Agile Project Owner | Information Manager

juillet 2012 - mai 2015 (2 ans et 10 mois)

In charge of information acquisition, distribution and disposition management for the NATO HQ (800 workers). Conception, design and development management of dedicated NATO web applications.

+ Information Policies definition and implementation
+ Sharepoint content manager instructor
+ Sharepoint corporate portal designer and developer
+ UX/UI manager
+ Sharepoint web module developer
+ Business analysis and web applications conception
+ Product Owner for Sharepoint | Php development
+ Scrum framework

Explorar Studio

Agence & SSII

Co-founder, Head of Product & Agililty

Bruxelles, Belgique

décembre 2019 - Aujourd'hui (1 an et 9 mois)

Explorar Studio is a Startup Studio with an expertise on B2B / B2B4C SaaS development with a focus on Machine Learning capabilities.

We are currently incubating 3 digital projects.