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Stefan Malfliet

Your Part-Time Chief Financial Officer & Coach

Kan reizen naar Gent, Brussel, Antwerpen

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  • Indicatief tarief €1.000 / Dag
  • Werkervaring 7+ jaar
Een opdracht voorstellen De opdracht kan alleen van start gaan nadat je de offerte van Stefan hebt geaccepteerd.
Een opdracht voorstellen De opdracht kan alleen van start gaan nadat je de offerte van Stefan hebt geaccepteerd.

Locatie en reizen

Gent, België
Kan bij je op kantoor werken in
  • Gent en 50 km rondom
  • Brussel en 100 km rondom
  • Antwerpen en 100 km rondom


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Vaardigheden  (7)

Stefan in het kort

Visionary leader and change agent with leadership experience in international, multi-cultural and cross-functional organizations in a variety of industries.

Strong track record in driving transformational and sustainable results on a large scale through teams by integrating strategy, analysis, organizations, operations, finance and culture.

A true passion for talent building, aligning and engaging, challenge thinking and attracting and stretching high potential teams. Rich experience in building and leading cross-cultural and remote teams and establishing a performance culture characterized by functional excellence, collaboration, respect, trust and entrepreneurism.


S A M - Stefan A. Malfliet

Consultancy & auditing

Owner  - Als freelancer

Gent, België

januari 2009 - Vandaag (13 jaren en 3 maanden)

Started on this journey now 13 years ago. Been blessed with so many exciting projects. What I am proud of: leaving behind something better than what I stepped into What I cherish the most: meeting so many great people that now are friends

S A M - Stefan A. Malfliet

Group Chief Financial Officer - Max Power Ltd. - Copper mining


augustus 2021 - december 2021 (4 maanden)

My first experience in Africa. What a great country and great people to work with.

S A M - Stefan A. Malfliet

Senior Project Director - Paccor / Stern Stewart & Co. - Rigid Plastics Manufacturing  - Als freelancer


september 2018 - juni 2021 (2 jaren en 9 maanden)

Working together with board and local management of 10 plants to develop and implement global footprint strategy. Preparation of business plan and presentation to executive board. Production and logistics automation including digitalization of processes (ERP,WMS,MFC)

S A M - Stefan A. Malfliet

Chief Operating Officer - Publisign BV - Signage and Metal Construction  - Als freelancer


augustus 2015 - juni 2018 (2 jaren en 10 maanden)

Broadening my experience as an operations director of a manufacturing company. Initiated and implemented digitalization of order to installation processes resulting in an on-spec, on time delivery of more than 95%.

S A M - Stefan A. Malfliet

Director Of Business Development - Jawar Al Khaleej Shipping L.L.C - Offshore Services  - Als freelancer

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

januari 2015 - december 2015 (11 maanden)

Setting up and managing strategic international alliance for execution of 5 year project in Iraq.

S A M - Stefan A. Malfliet

Group Chief Financial Officer - Ardent Maritime (AP Møller Mærsk) - Salvage and Offshore Services

Houston, TX 77091, USA

januari 2014 - januari 2015 (1 jaar)

Group strategy development and execution. Merger with US counterpart.

S A M - Stefan A. Malfliet

Senior Vice President - ThyssenKrupp Elevators / Stern Stewart & Co. - Elevators Manufacturing


april 2011 - juni 2013 (2 jaren en 2 maanden)

A transformation project testing and developing all of my skills simultaneously: communication, business case development, negotiation with unions and work's council, mediation, execution, active listening, critical thinking and teamwork. (France & Germany)

The Flowershop

Owner & Managing Director


april 2009 - januari 2011 (1 jaar en 9 maanden)

One of my dreams: becoming an entrepreneur! Completely shattered...

Heerema Holding Construction, Inc.

CCO & CFO - Dockwise Ltd - Shipping, Offshore Services & Installation

Houston, TX 77091, USA

mei 2004 - december 2008 (4 jaren en 7 maanden)

What a rollercoaster! Strategy development and implementation, worldwide business development, sale to private equity, merger and listing on stock exchange in Oslo. All at the same time.

Heerema Holding Construction, Inc.

Chief Financial Officer - Heerema Marine Contractors - Offshore Services & Installation  - Als freelancer

Houston, TX 77091, USA

april 2002 - april 2004 (2 jaren)

My first big challenge managing and building a team of over 30 at the age of 29. Engaging, collaborating and inspiring them to ensure future profitability.

Stern Stewart & Co.

Vice President  - Als freelancer


augustus 1998 - maart 2002 (3 jaren en 7 maanden)

Fresh out of university and a chance to work with many smart creatives advising boards across Europe. Main learning: Execution is key!