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Ruben Schmetz

Product Owner

Kan reizen naar Arnhem, Arnhem

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Parttime , 3 dagen per week

Een opdracht voorstellen De opdracht kan alleen van start gaan nadat je de offerte van Ruben hebt geaccepteerd.

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Arnhem, Nederland
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  • Arnhem en 50 km rondom
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Ruben in het kort

Flexible Productowner looking for international projects!

Great idea's for innovation, but nobody in your own company to take full ownership?
That is where I can help.

Driven and with a lot of energy, I take ownership of your challenge or problem, which I then translate into a digital solution. I love complicated digitization projects and to set and meet deadlines.

Experience in both Business and IT fields.
Experienced Product Owner.
Extensive knowledge of the Platform (MSP) strategy, data driven marketing and a customer centric approach.




Product owner freelance / Self -employed Stendig  - Als freelancer

december 2021 - Vandaag (5 maanden)

Bata Connect

Taking ownership of digitization issues! Responsible for digital transformation on various fronts, where we find suitable operational solutions based on the BATA "Smooth Operations" strategy.

Bata Connect :One of the solutions we found to further digitize communication with customers and suppliers, was setting up a flexible integration layer we called Bata Connect (for the exchange of orders, invoices, article files etc.) In the next step I am also responsible for the operational implementation and connections to Bata Connect from a role as product owner.



Product owner freelance / Self-employed Stendig  - Als freelancer

januari 2022 - Vandaag (4 maanden)

In the role of product owner responsible for various digitization projects: Implementation of a Mendix communication platform with different stakeholders / Research and implementation of Single Sign On.

Stendig IT

Owner Stendig IT  - Als freelancer

Arnhem, Netherlands

september 2014 - Vandaag (7 jaren en 8 maanden)

Stendig IT stands for digital transformation. We support companies in the role of digital transformation consultant or in the role of product owners and take ownership of your digital problems or challenges. Stendig is also experienced in creating affortable and sustainable custom (web based) software solutions. Software build to orchestrate business interactions and support your strategic and complex business processes. In most cases we have the answer where standard software solutions stop. We are convinced that strategy comes first and the system implementation must be flexible and sustainable in line with the chosen strategy. For example we have built distinctive software for a big brand in the orthopedic market to support complex surgery techniques, but we also build software to support data driven marketing. Be digital!! Personal contact: 0621154367




Arnhem, Netherlands

september 2019 - januari 2022 (2 jaren en 4 maanden)

Start-up: Multi sided Platform for workwear and related items

- A demand driven approach instead of a supply driven approach!
- Predicting based on machine learning!
- Selling through the channel instead of selling to the channel! Principles I stand for.. Principles that should lead in every market... Principles that I have been able to shape in a platform application. Weario was a startup, building THE Multi-sided platform for corporate fashion and workwear. Due to lack of new investors the shareholders chose to postpone any new activities. I strongly believe any business is in the midst of a transformative shift in business design as business models move from "pipes" (pushing products to consumers in a straight line), to platform business models. Platforms as Uber have no stock themselves, but enable interactions in a plug and- play infrastructure, and enable value creation by (algorithmic) matching the most relevant resources with consumers on the platform. Together with Prof. dr. Cor Molenaar I was responsible for the strategy and creation of the Weario Platform to be the best matchmaker in the market of workwear and personal protection, using extensive machine learning techniques. Weario was supposed the new B2B platform for workwear/ corporate fashion, PBM and related products and services. The rise of multi sided platforms (B2C and B2B) is still happening...The platform application I was responsible for has gone semi-live and was ready to go to market. Unfortunately, we could no longer find additional funding.

Groenendijk Bedrijfskleding


Manager IT

oktober 2017 - juli 2019 (1 jaar en 9 maanden)

Manager IT, at one of the largest distributors of corporate clothing in the Netherlands!

Responsible for setting up an IT team within Groenendijk and introducing the new custom clothing management system, now known as CorpWear. This system has helped Groenendijk in the acquisition and operational development of large accounts and has enabled the transition from a monolithic system, separating ERP and web. Within the newly established IT team we immediately supported many projects and many projects within groenendijk originated here. As manager of this team I was responsible for the following projects:
-Introducing and implementing CorpWear.
-Projectmanagement on the implementation of a new ERP system; Exact Globe
-Introducing and implementing Skype for Business
- Moving to a brand new location and setting up new facilities
-Introducing new business concept of multisided platform together with Cor Molenaar
-Implementation of new AVG business rules
-Web development projects
- Connecting procurement systems of new customers to the web environment of Groenendijk at a rapid pace
-Implementing Office 365 together with the supplier
- .........

Groenendijk Bedrijfskleding

Manager Web Development / Manager Customer Operations Center

Woerden, Netherlands

oktober 2014 - oktober 2017 (3 jaren)

In 2014 I started at Groendijk as manager of the web department. Soon I introduced the idea to merge the existing web and order entry departments into the current customer operations department. Together with my much appreciated colleague Mike Salemink we have set up the new department, introducing self-managing customer teams. This meant a change in the focus from departments to customer teams with their own KPI's . We then also set up a separate help desk, within CO. Responsible for big accounts like the Dutch Railways.

Creative Action Holland BV


project manager

oktober 2008 - september 2014 (5 jaren en 11 maanden)

Projectmanager at a publicity agency in Rotterdam

Responsible for the project management on customized software solutions, and (retail) narrow casting solutions for various major brands, like Ahold, DIO and Yamaha. Also still responsible for the further development of the clothing management system for workwear. CAH had the commercial rights to this system before it was sold to Groenendijk.

Labels Corporate Fashion / Kwintet

Business Development

januari 2004 - januari 2008 (4 jaren)

Responsible for the development of THE first serious (web based and not ERP based) clothing management system for corporate fashion and workwear. Primarily I was responsible for setting up the help desk and ultimately for operations, in the time Labels scored some big accounts like the Dutch Railways. After the takeover by Kwintet I focused more and more on business development and on the further development of the clothing management system in which the employees of various companies, such as Securitas, NS, Rijkswaterstaat, etc. order their personal uniform. Among other things, we were the first to fully digitize the returns process together with customers and IT partners. This clothing management system that we have developed at Labels is still the origin of all all clothing management systems that now make a difference! They are used by distributors and and increasingly directly by brands.

De Mandemakers Groep

admin employee

januari 2003 - januari 2003

Ministerie van Defensie / Royal Netherlands Navy


Rotterdam, Netherlands

januari 2001 - januari 2003 (2 jaren)

You continue to apply the skills that you are taught at the Marine Corps and especially in the officer training as a basis for everything you do. You learn about leadership and ownership, where leadership is about seeing a problem, taking responsibility, coming up with a solution and taking the freedom to implement it.

Cor Molenaar - exquo consultancy


Ruben is een prima persoon om mee samen te werken. Heeft inzicht, doorzettingvermogen en kennis van zaken. Hij is comitted aan het eindresultaat en praktisch om zijn doelen te bereiken. Blijft kalm en blijft ook overzicht houden. Ik kijk terug op een zeer plezierige samenwerking