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Py Bertaud

Chef de projet digital marketing & agile scrum

Peut se déplacer à Bruxelles

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  • Tarif indicatif 450€ / jour
  • Expérience 2-7 ans
  • Temps de réponse 1h
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Bruxelles, Belgique
Peut travailler dans vos locaux à
  • Bruxelles et 50km autour


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Py en quelques mots

Passionné du monde digital, de marketing et de user experience, j'aime discuter de réalité virtuelle, robotique, intelligence artificielle et autres innovations

Si j'étais un site internet, je serais car il est user-friendly, pratique, en constante évolution, orienté sur l'économie collaborative et permet de voyager

Avec Ormit j'ai fait le choix de développer mes "softs skills" afin d'être cross fonctionnel, peu importe ou je me trouve

J'aime : 🎉 🍻 ☀️ 🛫 🍣 🏀 🏂 🎮 🎼 📸 🎞
Je n'aime pas :
- les listes
- l'ironie

Ik probeer mijn best de doen om Nederlands te praten



Banque & assurances

Scrum Master Big data

Bruxelles, Belgique

avril 2016 - décembre 2016

Within the Big data department, manage 2 teams of developers in collaboration with the PO
- 1 POC project (proof of concept) using internal data of large companies and external public data in order to build an algorithm to define and credit scoring and a pre approved automated borrowing capacity
- 1 project POC using internal data of large companies in order to give them insight on their customers, competitors, and business model

Personal achievements :
- successfully learned Agile Scrum methodology especially for this role, which led to PSM 1 certification
- Helped with the training of 2 self functioning teams with few prior knowledge of knowledge of Agile methodology (including the PO for who it was the 1st experience in Agile)
- Helped with the buy in of stakeholders on the project in collaboration with the PO


BTP & construction

Mobile App Manager

Bruxelles, Belgique

juillet 2017 - avril 2018

- PO for a check in/out of rental cars in internal (started at half of the project)
- Scrum Master on a 6 months project of app creation for taking leaves, approving leaves, and submitting presence timesheets in SAP backend in collaboration with a remote development team and external partners
- Create guidelines for new apps and process to submit
- Oversee the development of 4 internal application as coordinator to setup Agile teams and do facilitation between Business and technical and empower the Business into driving change in their respective units
- Encourage transversal collaboration

Achievements: (results, objectives achieved)
- Successfully delivered the app for which I was PO in the given timeline with a reduced team by reprioritizing functionalities with the business
- Facilitation and spread Agile guidelines on a 500K€+ project as Scrum Master involving more than 20 stakeholders and 8 people in the development team with novice PO
- Created a collaborative way to work to facilitate creation of new apps
- Avoided unnecessary work by putting people in contact rather than creating everything from scratch (some apps may already exist in some other business units, no need to waste time on something that was already created)


Banque & assurances

User feedback management app & web

Bruxelles, Belgique

septembre 2015 - mars 2016

Goals :
- Improve the app ratings of the app by integrating user feedback
- Enable co creation of an incident management process in case of bugs reported by users

Achievements: (results, objectives achieved)
- Rating of the app on the App Store went from 3.3 to 4.4 after the integration of Fingerprint authentication and solving several non critical bugs following user feedback
- Tracking of user feedback continues after I setup a general feedback process
- Solution for incident management has been found and still used
- Helped make the app technically and legally available on foreign app stores (previously only Belgium App store)

John Paul - Groupe Accor


Assistant Project Manager CRM & Digital Marketing

Paris, France

septembre 2014 - mars 2015

- B2B clients : companies which were paying a monthly subscription to enable their employees/B2C clients to enjoy our services. In exchange we would build a custom branded platform for them (website, app, special offers/services on request)
- B2C clients : private individuals paying a monthly subscription to our service or getting it through one of our B2B partners.

Achievements: (results, objectives achieved)
- Branded websites for Visa Platinum, Visa Infinite, Citroen DS and SNCF have been delivered as well as the targeted offers for the different customer profiles
- Delivered an internal interface with the help of a PM, a webdesigner and 2 external developpers between an outdated but complete CRM system based on Selligent and our advisors in order to reduce the time spent per request and improve data storage. Time spent on a request decreased from 1 minute 25 seconds to 38 seconds on average
- Made a concept design and UX interface for a Luxury shopping assistant. The goal was to show possible luxury products to Chinese tourists in Paris and where to find them