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Jean Parpaillon

Lead dev / architect erlang/elixir

Peut se déplacer à Redon

  • 47.650742
  • -2.083937999999989
  • Tarif indicatif 600€ / jour
  • Expérience 7 ans et +
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Proposer un projet La mission ne démarrera que si vous acceptez le devis de Jean.

Localisation et déplacement

35600 Redon, France
Peut travailler dans vos locaux à
  • Redon et 50km autour


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  • ≤ 1 semaine
  • ≤ 1 mois
  • entre 1 et 3 mois
  • entre 3 et 6 mois
  • ≥ 6 mois




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Compétences (10)

Jean en quelques mots

I'm an experienced software engineer, with proven experience in open source management, backend development, DevOps.
Preferred domain: innovation
... languages: erlang, elixir
... DevOps: Docker Swarm, Debian


Erlang Solutions


Lead Elixir developer

septembre 2019 - novembre 2019

Lead development of sport betting platform

Consilience Ventures

High tech

Lead architect

Cité de Londres, Royaume-Uni

juin 2018 - Aujourd'hui

Consilience Ventures is a mutalist startup accelerator.

I setup and operated a 100% devops platform (Ansible + Docker Swarm based).
I developed backend (with Elixir, Phoenix stack) and link with Ethereum blockchain.


High tech

Software engineer

Rennes, France

septembre 2007 - novembre 2011

Kerlabs was a startup developing linux-based operating system for high-performance computing clusters.

As software engineer, I was in charge of setting up and operating a 256-nodes cluster, with heterogeneous networks (ethernet, infiniband, ...) and hardware (Sun, Dell, HP, ...).
I was also in charge of developing tools related to deployment and integration with existing systems.

I also did talks, tutorials, customer solutions architecture, etc


High tech

Chief Innovation Officer

Paris, France

décembre 2011 - août 2013

First as product owner, then manager of R&D department at Mandriva, I was in charge of innovation projects, collaboration with industrial or lab partners.


Centres de recherche

Lead architect

Rennes, France

décembre 2014 - août 2016

As research engineer, I've designed, funded and launched OCCIware project, a research project about Model-Driven Engineering applied to web services.
I coordinated Scientific Advisory Board and developed an erlang prototype of model-driven REST API engine (
11 partners, industrial and labs
6ME budget



Lead developer, devops

Paris, France

août 2016 - mai 2018

KBRW develops an Order Management System for leadinf retailers: Auchan, Casino, Michelin, PSA, etc

Senior developer: elixir, erlang, open source strategy
Maintenance of infrastructure: Chef, LXC, Debian, Zabbix

Keith Salisbury - Erlang Solutions


Working with Jean was an absolute pleasure. He was contentious and highly capable in his work, and proved to be a member of the team we could rely on to deliver not just his own work, but also help others with their. He will be a true asset to any team he joins. I have no doubt in recommending him.

Pierre Martin - Consilience Ventures


Jean is an amazing engineer and I'm honored we are working together. Whenever we tackle a new problem, Jean has proven to be able to think out of the box and approach it with solutions we wouldn't have thought of, and implementing them is a walk in the park for him.

Kévin Monserrat - Consilience Ventures


Jean has been an incredible resource for our team and will certainly not stay in the market for long. I highly recommend him.