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Cristina Stefan

Native English Speaker - will blow your socks off

En télétravail depuis Paris

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  • Expérience 2-7 ans
  • Taux de réponse 100%
  • Temps de réponse Quelques jours
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Proposer un projet La mission ne démarrera que si vous acceptez le devis de Cristina.

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Paris, France
Effectue ses missions majoritairement à distance


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  • Luxe
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  • Afrikaans

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  • Français

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  • Anglais

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Compétences (22)

Cristina en quelques mots

Need help?
I got you:
- communication strategy
- press relations
- press releases
- copywriting
- translations FR to ENG
- social media
- community management
- asset audits

About me:

In a nut shell and more or less in chronological order...

I studied Fine Art in Cape Town, South Africa. #creative

I then worked for a commercial production agency as a researcher and junior producer. Yes, I helped make adverts, mostly for car insurance, beverages and the behind-the-scenes of documentary. This was fun but I missed the art. #contentcreation

So I went on to for a number of prominent South African artists as a studio manager and production assistant. Ultimately, this lead to opening an arts project space. #art

For two years, we opened the doors to emerging artists to explore their ideas and refine their craft.

Until I moved to Paris.

2017 - MBA, done and dusted.

I subsenquently spent the following year and a half at luxury brand Longchamp. Here I worked on many different kinds of projects from corporate press relations (writing press releases, CEO interviews, stratgizing new content angles) to creating visual content around the brand to spearheading special projects and collaborations. #communicationstartegy #contentcreation #pressrelations

Today, I work in an agency, still in Paris, as a digital project manager where I handle primarily social media projects for a large luxury brand.




Chef de Projet

avril 2019 - Aujourd'hui



Chef de Projet Junior Communication Institutionnel

Paris, France

octobre 2017 - décembre 2018

Brand Communication Strategy, Special Projects, Storytelling, Content Creation, Experience Thinking, Corporate Public Relations

Groundglass Production Agency

Presse & médias


Le Cap, Afrique du Sud

janvier 2014 - septembre 2015

• Social Community management: Increasing online presence, producing brand content,
monitoring engagement and growth

• Developing and pitching digital content ideas for advertising campaigns - creating moodboards, presentation pitches, reference research and creative thinking

• Directing and editing video content as well as additional visual design material for digital platforms